Lash Lifting is a new and popular technique to lift, curl, and tint your natural eyelashes.

We work with the revolutionary brand, Mrs. Lashlift Pro. We have tried various brands, but with this one, we achieve by far the best and most beautiful results. This treatment also makes your lashes appear up to 25% fuller!

The best part is that the effect lasts for 6 to 8 weeks, making this treatment a great alternative for those who do not want or cannot wear extensions.

Why choose this treatment?

  • The treatment is quick and painless; within 45 minutes, you will have beautifully curled lashes.
  • Results are visible for 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Your lashes appear longer, fuller, and curlier without needing extensions.
  • Ideal if you are allergic to eyelash extensions or find them too expensive.
  • After the treatment, an aftercare product is applied to restore, nourish, and hydrate the lashes.
  • For lasting results, repeat the treatment just once every 6 weeks.


  • Let your lashes rest for 24 hours after the treatment and do not wear makeup. After 24 hours, you may resume your normal routine.
  • Lashes need extra love and care after a lash lift; use the Mrs. LashLift 3D Gold filler 3 times a week. It contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and ceramide, which intensely nourish and hydrate the lashes, keeping your lash lift looking its best!

What options do I have?

We offer the Lashlift treatment in 2 variants:

  • LashLift with or without tinting, which includes curling, lifting, and caring for your natural lashes.
  • LashLift Deluxe, which includes curling, lifting, tinting, and caring for the natural lashes with an eyelash mask and a Ceramide & Niacinamide conditioner. This makes the lashes healthier and up to 25% fuller after the treatment.
  • Additionally, we also offer tinting of the lower lashes.

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