Volume lashes, also known as Russian Volume, is the latest technique in the field of 3D eyelash extensions. This technique originated in England and has been applied there by the best eyelash stylists for years.

With this technique, a "full" and "fluffy" look is created by attaching 2 to 6 (depending on the desired look) ultra-thin extensions to each natural lash. These extensions are so thin that they weigh less than one by one lashes, which benefits the natural lashes and provides ultimate wearing comfort. Because the fans we create overlap, it is also less noticeable when a few lashes fall out. 

Advantages compared to one by one eyelash extensions

  • Despite the extra volume, this technique gives an even more natural look
  • Less glue usage, so you almost don't feel the lashes anymore
  • Less glue used means less irritation
  • Thinner and softer eyelash extensions for more wearing comfort
  • Stays beautiful longer than one by one eyelash extensions
  • Gives an even more beautiful eye appearance
  • Ideal if you don't have many natural lashes


  • Do not get the lashes wet for the first 24 hours
  • Clean the lashes daily with a foam cleaner to prevent dirt buildup and infections!
  • Do not use oil-based products around the lashes
  • Avoid excessive rubbing of the lashes
  • Brush the lashes daily with the brush you receive during your treatment
  • Do not pull or rub the extensions, as this can damage the natural lashes

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